Rule Modifications

  • Wyld-Shaping Technique and Harmonious Academic Methodology only require one Lore excellency, but also require Imminent Solar Glory.
  • Mass combat formations do not impact shield performance; shields provide a flat parry defense value as per the Errata, and formations do not add multipliers.
  • Horses in Mass Combat are going to get some attention, particularly regarding speed and how they are counted in mass combat: as equipment or as members of the unit.
  • Once in XP debt, characters cannot go further into XP debt until the initial debt is payed.
  • Old Realm does not have the indefinite article.
  • Degrees of Thaumaturgy cost 6 xp or 3 build points per level instead of 10 xp and 5 build points.
  • Training time can be banked for later XP use.
  • For purposes of actions taken, characters effectively have two ‘slots’ to use per day, more or less equating to 8 hours of time. Training a single skill, attribute, etc., takes up one slot. Attempting to train anything else takes up the other slot and prevents the character from taking any other actions with the exception of sleeping. If a character has only one ‘slot’ taken up, they are assumed to be able to pursue other in-game projects and actions as normal (subject to sanity checks).


  • The Solar War Charm Rout-Stemming gesture applies to Morale.
  • Relays can make social attacks against enemy armies.
  • Having someone change Motivation is an unacceptable order unless the rules for changing Motivation are followed. Otherwise, convincing a character to go against their motivation has the +3 difficulty, and requires the character to spend a point of willpower to disregard.
  • All crafting of potions and poisons use Craft: Water instead of Medicine.

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Rule Modifications

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