Tag: Solar


  • Nefvarin Kalanthes

    Nefvarin Kalanthes is one of the brightest disappointments ever produced by his dragon-blooded house. Claiming descent from the founder of Lookshy, the ever-thinning blood of the House had turned their stock-in-trade from Dragon-Blooded warriors to …

  • Shan Tzu

    This is a test of the emergency Shan Tzu system. In the event of an actual Shan Tzu, righteousness would soon follow.

  • Jin

    Jin grew up poor in Nathir. His mother died during childbirth and his father toiled in the Minh family's mines. Jin was mostly raised by his older sister Chau and his older brother Dinh. As a boy, he joined the Chau's street gang despite Dinh's protest. …