A New Creation

Turning and Returning

Kado's back...and he's brought a friend

On the 17th of Descending Wood, a member long missing from the circle of Solar Exalted returned, and he did not return alone. Kado approached the compound of Nefvarin Kalanthes with an escort – a venerable old man that called himself Geron. Kalanthes, wary from the shot taken at him previously, stopped Kado at the gate and asked him, using the mystic ability to detect lies, whether he had been involved in the attempt to shoot Kalanthes. Kado protested ignorance of the event and the young archer’s protest rang true; therefore, Kalanthes invited them in and called the others to discuss what to do next.

Jin was, of course, delighted to see Kado returned. Kado and Sarnai got acquainted over their mutual appreciation of poisons. In providing details to Kado of the imposter’s attempt to shoot Kalanthes, it became clear that whoever it was (with the general consensus being that it was Suto) manifested abilities startlingly similar to those of the Solar Exalted. Unfettered Horizon had mentioned to Jin that she and Suto served the same master, which turned the circle’s thoughts toward a terrible notion – an Exalted in service to a demon or Yozi. There exists, however, no evidence that such a thing is even possible, and the paucity of information about celestial exaltations made it nothing more than a rumination. The circle agreed to go to a party where Suto and Unfettered Horizon might be present, so that Kalanthes could attempt some assessment of their resources and allies by means of a new charm. Geron, for his part, showed three characteristics:

1) An avuncular protectiveness of Kado
2) An exasperation with Jin
3) A level of knowledge that marked him as both supernatural and super-aware of goings-on.

With that unpleasant thought in the back of their minds, the circle began making plans to pay a visit to Karroth Vlan. Sarnai and Kalanthes collaborated to make Kado six arrows – hollow with ceramic heads, they are filled with a quicksilver variant on the alloy that is anathema to necrotic essence. Jin recruited Unfettered Horizon to join the circle in the proposed embassy, sealing her pledge to assist him with the power of his caste, both binding Unfettered Horizon to the cause and revealing to the anarchic Dragon-Blood that Jin is a Solar Exalted. She reacted with a surprising amount of aplomb to the revelation. Jin also insisted that Unfettered Horizon apologize to Kalanthes for her manipulation of the sorcerer at Jin’s dinner party.

The circle attended a party thrown by Su Thi Thi under the auspices of the Guild to scope out their enemies. Kalanthes’s magic availed them little, as Suto’s dissembling nature shielded him from the sorcerer’s scrutiny, while Unfettered Horizon, though a woman of means, had no other influence or allies to hand. Locke spent the evening drinking in a misanthropic fashion. Unfettered Horizon made a quite sincere apology to Kalanthes, which Jin pointed out to Kado as “true power.”

With the time incorporated for building and training (Kado trained the circle to act as a fighting unit), we paused on the 26th of Descending Wood.


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