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A lot of scribbles in a notebook

Ashigaru armor requires three essence capacitors of standard size A to replace normal hearthstone support, allowing the capacitors to cycle motonic replenishment perpetually. Presuming a manse over a class-D demesne, what processing speed could be achieved with three such manses cycling to empower a fourth manse with an installed perfected calculation array? Presuming a page load of 32,640 (using the Valkhawsen Hornbook and Encyclopedia as reference), at what multiphasic speed could access be provided to a dozen petitioners at manse four?

I do not want to be a god.

I want those that are gods to do their jobs.

If they won’t, I will, and then no one gets what they want.

When did metaphysics require me to be 7 again?

Major Premise: A God receives power from prayer and provides services to those within its area of responsibility.

Minor Premise: I receive power from prayer and provide services to those within my area of responsibility.

Conclusion: Crap.

Sidebar: If a “god” does not provide services, what are they? If a god provides services in a manner that suggests bureaucratic corruption, how may such corruption be put right?

I’ve lived in the Nathir region for some 15 years, two years in the city itself while I built my estate. My first house was near the caravanassery, and I shall never get the smell of Yeddim fully out of my mind. The city’s history and character persuaded me that certain things were simply to be taken for granted: the slave trade, the poor quarter, Guild machinations, and the odd mixture of large numbers of mercenaries and apothecaries. The artifacts and history I discovered on expedition all seemed to support Jin’s unified theory of civilizational decay – that things just get progressively worse. The last two years have upended all of that thinking.

In the past week, I’ve seen a moderately successful mercenary force become as organized and disciplined as any force out of Lookshy, and our production facilities are such that I expect we’ll soon be able to outfit them better than forces out of Lookshy. Jin is enjoying playing up his invented role as the Dragon-Blooded savior of the city, but he will soon surpass even the most powerful Dynast’s capabilities. What happens then? It seems like the only subject I’ve seen him sincerely animated about is his loathing of the slave trade, but first he has to believe that positive change is possible.

Let x be the cost of a slave. If I make a futures purchase at x, and the cost to the slaver of the slave at 180 days has increased, at what price point, where x < x+180, do the slaver’s operating costs become untenable?

We climbed back down into the muck in order to get Sarnai a business license, all the while I had a nagging ethical doubt – If Sarnai’s talent for medicines is anywhere near mine for arms, she is already an existential threat to the Guild’s monopoly, and perhaps to their future. Of course, if she follows up on the Harmonics study I have pointed out to her, she may well be an existential threat to far more.

As for me? This week, I instilled literacy in 30,000 residents of Nathir. Just writing that now, it looks ridiculous. A few days thereafter, I noticed something. For the first time in weeks, I got into my workshop. I have to work after dark in order to conceal the use of my gifts while I work, but I appreciate the solitude (even more now that the Legion keeps sending technicians over). As I worked on a piece for holding the hearthstone I took from Cot, I noted that the Essence in my own pattern seemed to be flowing faster. The slow feed that had seemed to keep pace with my bloodflow feels like more of a fountain.


Old throughput: 1m per 15 minutes; capacity at 17.04 motes

New throughput: 1 m per 5 minutes; capacity unchanged. Hearthstone draws at 1m per 12 minutes.

Hourly count: 11 motes. Overage: 2 motes.

I can trace this to no other precipitating event than my marathon teaching sessions in the square. I must beware confirmation bias, because my personal confidence has been growing for a variety of reasons, but it does appear that the prayers of those who are praying to me is manifesting as Essence within my person.

Which brings me back to the question about being a god. The gods do get something for their trouble – they get power in raw form. Happy Taro gets the prayers of most of the city, and what does he do with it? All the problems I listed with Nathir – could he not have solved many of these by now? If the gods are not here to answer prayers and to make the lives of those who live in their domains better, what are they for? Perhaps that’s why he’s so happy – I too would be happy if I did sloppy work, but still drew power from tens of thousands of people that thought I was the source of their future good fortunes.

I suppose what angers me is how uncomplicated it was. It is entirely possible that the powers of the Solar Exalted are well-tuned to this sort of thing, but the myriad problems that I have put my mind to are not new, and the Gods have centuries of experience. These problems should have been solved before now. I don’t expect that life should be a paradise with neither trials nor failure, and I expect that there are externalities and circumstances to which I am not privy. But when I can get 60,000 people to show up just by promising food and raise their understanding of the world around them in two days of showing them the alphabet, I cannot believe that this is the city we would have if everyone did their duty, to say nothing of Creation at large. If I understand Elephant Speaker correctly, the Exaltations are largely self-propelled, which begs the question – where is the King of the Gods in all this and what has he been doing while Creation slides ever further into ruin?

Research point – Intermetallic Alloys through latticework phasing. Forcing an essence flow (Fire? See if Zen will support test bed) through salt crystal growth to fuse prismatic crystal to face-centered cube. It will look strange, however it comes out.

Two-front wars with the dead and the Fair Folk are problems that the Solar Exalted may well have been born to solve. The suffering of mankind was someone else’s job for over 1,000 years, and those someone elses – the Realm, the Immaculate Order, the Nobility, and every god from the least god of my forge to the Unconquered Sun himself – have allowed that suffering to fester and must bear responsibility in accordance with the power they have had to fix it.

Or, if not, they should make room for those of us who will.


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